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Drug-related deaths in the United States are on the rise, and West Virginia is no exception to this disheartening trend. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tens of thousands of people perish every year due to a drug overdose. Many of these people live right here. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Martinsburg Drug Rehab Centers can help.

By partnering you with any number of the high-quality addiction rehab facilities within our database, we are providing you with a helping hand in beginning your recovery process. To learn more about our free advisory services, call (304) 355-9554.

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The High Price of West Virginia Drug Abuse

The CDC says that last year was one of the deadliest in West Virginia as far as drug-related demise is concerned. During one four-hour span of time, nearly 30 persons overdosed on one bad batch of dope. Those who were not saved with Naloxone died, leaving family and friends to mourn their pointless death.

As horrid as this news is, it's not entirely surprising. The CDC notes that West Virginia has the dubious distinction of being the site of more drug-related deaths per capita than any other state in the union followed closely by New Hampshire and Kentucky. If you don't want to be part of these staggering statistics, please talk to Martinsburg Drug Rehab Centers about your options without delay.

An analysis by the West Virginia Health Statistics Center earlier this year indicates that each year sees an exponential increase in the number people die from OD in WV. Commissioner Rahul Gupta of the Department of Health and Human Resources' Bureau for Public Health says the trend "has not peaked" and that the trend is leaning toward at least one West Virginian dying of drug overdose every day.

Addiction Is an Actual Medical Condition

Addiction can happen to anyone who takes certain sorts of drugs for an extended period of time. It's not weakness; it's biology.Opiate painkillers can be exceedingly useful in the immediate wake of an injury, but many persons who rely on such strong pain medications find themselves unable to stop taking the drug even after their injury has healed.

If you become accustomed to the effects of painkillers and now find yourself unable to stop taking them without feeling sick, we can guide you towards making the decision of seeking a high-quality and respectable rehab facility for addiction treatment in Martinsburg and around the Martinsburg area.

What Happens in Rehab

Rehab centers are meant to help addicted individuals in their effort to cease compulsive drug misuse while at the same time learning tools that help them cope with the rest of their day to day life. Relapse doesn't happen to everybody, but it is a possibility.

For most persons in recovery, rehab is a lifelong activity that requires constant vigilance, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If and when a relapse occurs, the best way back to sobriety is by way of a compassionate and confidential drug rehab in Martinsburg.

Inpatient rehab provides a monitored environment where recovering addicts support one another in a place without access to temptation. If you trust the help available from the advisors affiliated with Martinsburg Drug Rehab Centers, you can make new friends who are as interested in staying clean as you are.

Learn to use proven recovery tools that will help you to enjoy a life of healthful abstinence after you return to home and work. Don't worry about being judged for your addiction while in rehab. You will merely be evaluated so that a customized treatment program can be prepared just for you. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, please call us today.

We are not a rehab facility, but we are affiliated with the finest treatment facilities in the area, and we can tell you all about them. All you have to do is call (304) 355-9554 and tell us what you need.

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